CAlligraphy SErvices


I do things a little differently...

I've decided to simplify things when it comes to our calligraphy offerings and how we structure our pricing. Here's the thing, many calligraphers offer base prices, then charge additional fees for everything from writing on dark paper to addresses on your list that have additional lines. But I have never had a bride request plain black ink on white paper. We all want that pretty gold ink, and no one wants to count how many lines are in each of your addresses. 

Our calligraphy prices are for all inclusive calligraphy services. One price includes custom mixed ink, writing on paper other than white, as many lines as an envelope can fit and address centered layouts. Basically that's everything except the paper itself (which can also be arranged upon request!)


Calligraphy Envelope Addressing

Guest Envelope Addressing | 5

Inner and Outer Envelope Sets | 7.50

Return Address | 2


Calligraphy Wedding Details

Place Card | 2.50

Escort Card | 2.75

Escort Card / Envelope set | 3.25


Additional services are available, please use the contact form to start a conversation about your project! 


Let's get your project on the books! Click the link below so we can talk about the details! 

Not ready to book calligraphy services just yet? That's cool. But let's keep in touch! Instagram is where I post what I am working on and I share behind the scenes on my stories. So come say hi!