Silver Fox Spotlight: Lucero Molina, Lifestyle & Fine Art Photographer

I first discovered Lucero on Instagram, and fell in love with her work. Her style of photography is so beautiful. She has a way of using natural light, and creative angles to capture some really beautiful moments, and it sort of just pulls me in. If you don't know what I mean, just look at her feed, and you will understand. I worked with Lucero on a couple of styled shoots in the past year and am so excited to share some highlights, and a little bit more about this fantastic artist! 


Lucero Molina here, I am a photographer but most importantly a wife and a mother. My hobbies include eating and taking naps. Kidding. My interests range from crafting to training for Spartan races. If I wasn’t a photographer I’d work hard to be a midwife, I’m obsessed with the beauty of natural birth.  I love meeting new people and love listening to their story. In a way that is why I love photographing people. Every one is different and we all have a different story to tell with our body language, our smile, our eyes. 

About Lucero Molina Photography:

My business was born in February 2015 when I had my first session. I have finally come to see what I like and really nail down my shooting and editing style. You can describe my style as fine art, I also love to incorporate lifestyle for a more soft, relaxed feel. 
I find my inspiration from fashion, home decor, and fellow creatives.