Wedding Inspiration From A Far Away Land: Germany Styled Shoot

Wedding Inspiration From A Far Away Land: Germany Styled Shoot

I am so happy to share images from a recent collaboration with Diana Frohmueller, a Fine Art Photographer from Hanover, Germany. Her imagery is so light and thoughtful. I feel very privileged to have been able to work with her, because not only is she very talented, but also such a joy to work with. Find out more about the organic calligraphy suite I designed and the other vendors at the bottom of this article. In the meantime.... feel free to browse these lovely images! 

Silver Fox Spotlight: Lucero Molina, Lifestyle & Fine Art Photographer

I first discovered Lucero on Instagram, and fell in love with her work. Her style of photography is so beautiful. She has a way of using natural light, and creative angles to capture some really beautiful moments, and it sort of just pulls me in. If you don't know what I mean, just look at her feed, and you will understand. I worked with Lucero on a couple of styled shoots in the past year and am so excited to share some highlights, and a little bit more about this fantastic artist! 


Lucero Molina here, I am a photographer but most importantly a wife and a mother. My hobbies include eating and taking naps. Kidding. My interests range from crafting to training for Spartan races. If I wasn’t a photographer I’d work hard to be a midwife, I’m obsessed with the beauty of natural birth.  I love meeting new people and love listening to their story. In a way that is why I love photographing people. Every one is different and we all have a different story to tell with our body language, our smile, our eyes. 

About Lucero Molina Photography:

My business was born in February 2015 when I had my first session. I have finally come to see what I like and really nail down my shooting and editing style. You can describe my style as fine art, I also love to incorporate lifestyle for a more soft, relaxed feel. 
I find my inspiration from fashion, home decor, and fellow creatives. 


Silver Fox Spotlight: Diana Frohmueller, Fine Art Photographer

Diana is a Fine Art Photographer from Hanover, Germany, who I met on Instagram. Her work is just so stunning, that I got lost a little in her feed. Her imagery is so light and airy, it almost feels like a dream. Her style is so classy and ethereal. Much to my delight we collaborated on a styled shoot. These are not the images of that shoot, these are just detail pictures she took of what I sent her. And I could not be happier. For one, it was SO sweet of her to send these to me, she really does go above and beyond! She has such a big heart and such a passion for her work. So I am really excited to share a sneak peek at her work with you, the first in a blog series featuring wonderful artists and makers that I have the pleasure of working with. I plan to include photographers, makers of hand made paper, and other creatives too. If you would like to collaborate, please just drop me a line. But in the meantime, please enjoy a little bit about Diana. 

Ciarra: So Diana, please tell us a little bit about yourself!

Diana: I am already 41. I like salty licorice. I am free, simple, pure and full of emotions. I like laughing, my friends, my cats, family and like to make people happy with pictures. 

Ciarra: Can you tell us a little bit more about your brand, and style of photography?



I do like high key pictures.

Pictures are the mirror of myself, sensual, full of love, clear, pure and just simple. So I like to take pictures which are pure, sensual and full of love.

They need to be natural and clear.

I am inspired by my life, my feelings and dreams.

I am inspired by wishes of friends and clients.

Detailshooting 18.03.201613.jpg
Detailshooting 18.03.201614.jpg

Ciarra: Thank you so much for sharing a little piece of your work with us. What are the best places to see your work and keep in touch?


Diana Frohmueller

+49 176 5196  527

Color Mixing 101

Whether you are a Calligrapher, Artist, Illustrator, or Crafter, color mixing is a skill that can truly expand your horizons. True, it can be stressful if you have to match a certain color but it can also just be fun! I have prepared a video tutorial to help you gain confidence in your color mixing skills and expand your color palette endlessly. 

Mixing colors for paintings and inks for calligraphy is one of my favorite things. For me, it's 75% color theory, and 25% observation and experimentation. It's both relaxing and rewarding when you mix that perfect moody blue, or shimmery rose gold. 

This video tutorial is designed to give you the foundation in color theory you need to mix colors you love! 

I hope you found this video helpful, and I would love to see the colors you mix! Use the hashtag #SilverFoxWorkshops for a chance to be featured on a future blog post. Also, you can leave me a question in the comments below, I would love to hear your thoughts! 

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New Class! Watercolor Workshop: Create With Confidence

Online Watercolor Workshop

I have a super exciting announcement this week. I've just launched a new online learning workshop. I am thrilled to work will Skillshare to bring a watercolor learning experience to your own device. AND I am offering this class for FREE for the first 25 students. So if you enroll this week you will have access to all of the videos (1.5 hours of awesome content) for free, forever, even after the class goes premium. 

Check out the introduction video below! 


What's Skillshare?

Skillshare is an online learning platform. You pay for a monthly subscription and have access to classes from people all over the world, teaching all sorts of amazing things. You can develop your calligraphy skills, or learn how to brew beer! Whatever you fancy, you can find. 

Why I Love Skillshare

There are a couple of reasons I love Skillshare.

First: The Interaction

When you enroll in a class you have access to the class discussion board. You can ask any question you want and get feedback from the teacher and other students. The teacher and students can leave feedback on your assignment, and you can give back too. You can learn together with other people, AND at your own speed. Win, win. 

Second: The Project

Each class will have a project to exercise your new skills. You post this project on the site. You can see the projects the other students post, and leave each other feedback. This creates a really positive learning atmosphere.

Third: The Variety

 There are SO many classes to choose from. I firmly believe that you should never stop learning. This is especially true if you work in a creative industry. Taking a short class on something out of your comfort zone can have a wonderful impact on your work. This is also great if you just like to make and create for fun and want some interesting projects and inspiration. 

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