never stop learning!

The most regretful people on earth are those who felt the call to creative work, who felt their creative power restive and uprising, and gave it neither power nor time.
— Mary Oliver

My goal is to help self taught artists and creatives of all sorts. I know what it is like to fall prey to self doubt and comparison. I've spent hours on google ending up empty handed. I've been where you are. I want to bring self worth to the self taught, and the right tools and support to those who need it the most. The Self Made Creative Series is how I plan to do so. Get ready for new Skillshare classes and helpful journal entries. Use the hashtag #SelfMadeCreative to be featured on Instagram.

Skillshare Classes

I am so happy to offer online classes through Skillshare, a super awesome online learning platform! There is a 1.5 hour intro to watercolors class, as well as a bite sized class about taking creative leaps, and so much more to come! The link provides 3 months of Skillshare membership, with unlimited access to hundreds of classes, for just $0.99! Seriously, go give it a try! I am sure you will thank me later! 


Help Shape the Movement!

This project involves input from creatives from various industries, but with much in common. So, if  you call yourself a self taught artist or self educated artisan, you can contribute your voice here. Content may be used in blog posts and classes, either with credit or anonymously. Also, use #SelfMadeCreative to participate on Instagram!

Photography Credit: Oden and Janelle Photography