Silver Fox Spotlight: Diana Frohmueller, Fine Art Photographer

Diana is a Fine Art Photographer from Hanover, Germany, who I met on Instagram. Her work is just so stunning, that I got lost a little in her feed. Her imagery is so light and airy, it almost feels like a dream. Her style is so classy and ethereal. Much to my delight we collaborated on a styled shoot. These are not the images of that shoot, these are just detail pictures she took of what I sent her. And I could not be happier. For one, it was SO sweet of her to send these to me, she really does go above and beyond! She has such a big heart and such a passion for her work. So I am really excited to share a sneak peek at her work with you, the first in a blog series featuring wonderful artists and makers that I have the pleasure of working with. I plan to include photographers, makers of hand made paper, and other creatives too. If you would like to collaborate, please just drop me a line. But in the meantime, please enjoy a little bit about Diana. 

Ciarra: So Diana, please tell us a little bit about yourself!

Diana: I am already 41. I like salty licorice. I am free, simple, pure and full of emotions. I like laughing, my friends, my cats, family and like to make people happy with pictures. 

Ciarra: Can you tell us a little bit more about your brand, and style of photography?



I do like high key pictures.

Pictures are the mirror of myself, sensual, full of love, clear, pure and just simple. So I like to take pictures which are pure, sensual and full of love.

They need to be natural and clear.

I am inspired by my life, my feelings and dreams.

I am inspired by wishes of friends and clients.

Detailshooting 18.03.201613.jpg
Detailshooting 18.03.201614.jpg

Ciarra: Thank you so much for sharing a little piece of your work with us. What are the best places to see your work and keep in touch?


Diana Frohmueller

+49 176 5196  527